Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2014 MartyMuzik


Packed crowd of songs, and some of the more mainstream: Kongos, Vampire Weekend, etc ... well got booted !  Too much hard core, soft listening and techno jammed into one format - ah well, welcome back to MartyMuzik !

skipping over to song 3, "Algiers", is Cincinnati's own Afghan Whigs, I'm reminded of why vinyl and cd's are so fun man, its ... the cover art
i mean if these old fucks can still have us cringe by thinking about this cover for 'do the beast' you'll like the music intrigue even more

The alt rock contemporary Wolf Alice will rock you out hard, with some hints of pixies meets sleater kinney ... and perhaps cherry blossom finish.  female vocals just hit the spot
Wolf Alice (N. London)

the backdrop to newly outed lead, from Against Me!, Laura Jane Grace (who began life as Thomas James Gabrial) reminds us that when switch hitting, it is important to change all three of your names to avoid any confusion.  That being said, you're in for being sucked in like a straight man in Castro, with Transgender Dysphoria Blues (i'll save you looking it up, dysphoria is a 'general state of malaise, or uneasiness") ... understandable

The brother and sister duo Taking you on a Big Jet Plane is from Australia, 

Angus & Julia Stone

Song 10, Intro ~ is a fitting point to not-flip over your CD, he-he, thinking about the vinyl days.  Nope, you wouldn't get 20 songs on a single one.
Anyway, don't flip over your CD, you are simply entering the 'techno', more synthesized sound for a few songs ... its ok, it will soothe you and be reminiscent of many eras of music past, really its ok to feel the synth

I'd tell you more about Zhu, if they didn't choose to remain completely anonymous, and be judged only by their music.  Bold move, hope the royalties find their way to you :-)

Rochester, NY's Joywave is represented on two tracks (#1 Dangerous, as a collaborator, and #13 Tongues

If you are still not hip to Jack White (former, White Stripes) and have just returned from Mars, you need to see him on Lazzaretto in this video

if not for the guitar picking, or the slight resemblence to Johnny Depp, then for the very cool paisley suit.

And finishing with Ha Ha Tonka, what the hell kind of name is that ?!?... from West Plains, Missouri, these guys are like Dylan meets the Meat Puppets or something ... so smooth, its like butter

Just love the lyrics, because we all can't keep learning the same lessons over again. Fuckin' Missouri, right !?

Can I get an 'Amen'?