Monday, July 31, 2023

Support ticket

 I've been in the IT industry nearly 40 years, seems surreal that I saw the first IBM PC's in the early 80's. It makes me feel like father time of computing.

There was something very satisfying about the click of the OEM IBM keyboards, they hit different.

I put in a support ticket to Microsoft for apparently Lenovo 'bricked' my system when they put a new motherboard in, and BitLocker was enabled on the hard drive.

I was able to 'nuke-and-pave' (an affectiionate term, meaning 'blow it all away and re-install the Operatoing System), just as well, I downgraded to Windows 10 (instead of 11) because much of the software and drivers I need were avails on Windows 10 (or easier to come by).

So in 25 years of Microsoft Support, pretty much 10 priority support calls, I've used a handful (maybe 3 or 4) out of 250.  And of those, I probably beat the answer ... myself, by grinding it out.

That's the awy it is in tech, when you're driven and good.