Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sasquatch hunting

What is it that causes people to drift
If you are interested, they're not
if you feign interest,
you get inside their head far enough, too far
its all messed up
every time

The thing you seek,
yet missing in you
brief and fleeting
as mythical, and unseen as
sasquatch itself

Knowledge and intimacy, no
you get only mystery
and conclusions

shocked at the neanderthal
nature inside of us and others
we grow older and immune to
the spectacle

Blurred, costumed and Enquirer-worthy,
sound-bites, and masks,
if not complete
costumes are all we see

We didn't want to find the stinky reclusive
in the first place

who can
make friends, with the darkness
the fear, is too real
so we hide

so does it hide

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