Thursday, March 30, 2023

Positive drift


I've always been fascinated with the concept of time, and how it plays into my life's journey.

We constrain it into a 24 hour cycle, based on the sun. We move it up and hour, then back an hour.
We pack it into the years, by days-  365 of them.  We are consumed with managing it.

I sang karaoke with a girl, a Stone's song "Time, is on my side" in my twenties,
it was (on my side).  I didn't care about time or place, or anything (well, except her. I dug her.)

Also, wrote a poem "Time is a theif" .  What did that mean?  What is time stealing?

I think it robs you of:  the here and now, the present.   It is this moment that time cannot touch, so it wants you to think about time ago, or into the future.  Time is flummoxed at the idea of the infinite present moment.   It can't mark it, it can't time-box it, it is the exact moment, right now, that if you try and define it with time ... you can't.   A second before now is the past, a second from now is the future.
Dammit, the present confounds and irritates time, really makes it mad that it can't control the present moment.

Time isn't on anyone's side, it just isn't.   Just as a robber doesn't care,
time doesn't care.  It has to do what it has to do, tick-tick-tick.

As we drift through life it is important to stay positive.   We age, we experience the winds of change, constantly.  Any one of those changes can throw us off course, if we let it.

The energy of the universe plays out on our canvas and paints with its rhythmic harmonic tones, a tapestry of beauty and splendor.  The universe doesn't care about time, it has seemingly been around for an infinite time.  Our life and karmic energies, a blip.  Energy is energy.  It can't be created or destroyed (Julius Robert Mayer, 1842, First Law of Thermodynamics)

The universe then channels her energy vibes to us all the time.   They come in unexcpected patterns and ripples but we are beating to the pace of another taskmaster, the clock, to time's second hand.  

It's a ludicrous human orchestra sound.  Crash-cymbal-beat-horn-honk  The universe gives a clean note, we miss it, or keep tapping like a metronome to time; to the seconds.  Often we can't get the balance or rhythm right, the harmonic dis-resonance is in our bodies, we feel off.

Paying attention to our soul, drinking in the energies around us is the only antidote to time.  The ONLY antitode to time.   The only way around marking a life with time is to enjoy this moment. 
When we are syncopated, I think some might call this a flow state, or zone.   Time becomes irrelevent.

As change happens in your life, drift along with it.   Flow.   You'll be a lot happier with the ride.

Live your life like a successive, infinitely strung together, beautiful, present moments. 
Like all of your moments are grains of sand, blown across a dune, or the water molecules holding themselves together flowing down the stream.

Drift positively.

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