Monday, August 25, 2014


Where to draw the inspiration, for change.   Change is inevitable, is quoted, incorrectly ... no its not.  Nothing is inevitable, save maybe death; oh, and taxes.

Newton's classical laws of mechanics summarized:  bodies at rest, stay at rest.  Bodies in motion, stay in motion except if either is acted upon by some external force.

Life force, the energy that one possesses to be alive on this planet is no different.   Robin Williams, acted upon by an equal and opposite force by a belt, lost the ability to breath.  Life force gone.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman, acted upon by lethal injection forces of potent drugs, lost the ability to have his heart pump and breath. Life force gone.

Likewise, I think the barcalounger, in its comfortable La-z-boy way, lets us quietly sit back, relax and enjoy the show ... body at rest, remaining at rest, getting out of shape and eventually getting to the place where life force again, can be gone.

Changes are brewing for me, I saw the energy of ant like creatures this weekend
at Hood to Coast, quite accidental I decided to go to Seaside ... almost serendipity,
as I was so intrigued that I finally triggered in me the need to change.

So it was inspiration, to get some persperation, to lose the weight I've been carrying far too long.

Its 132 miles, and I plan a pound per mile be gone this year.  Next year, I'm walking strong in this thing, and I need to completely focus on the change ahead of me.

This body needs to be in motion.

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