Friday, September 5, 2014

Take care of yourself

... because no well else will."

end-quote, who says this?  Who does this?   Everyone. Noone.

What does it mean, though?  To take care of yourself.

Let's state with what it isn't:
  1. Its not:  Putting others first
    Ouch!   That hits the 'givers' right in the loin chops.  This is a weird paradox, to be sure.  Leads to Martyr Syndrome.
  2. Its not:  Partying until you puke
    Ouch!   Food, drink slovenly, stupor.   Minimialist, easing your digestion and keeping the chemical balances from food and drink, so your brain and body feel ok.
  3. Its not:  Doing nothing
    Ouch!   Relaxing, lazy-boy, lounging, sleeping more.   It's about restoring vitality to your soul, through movement.
So I guess I've inter strewn some positive reinforcement in saying what taking care of yourself is not, from my perspective.

Negative mirrors reflect truths.   Changes, revealed ... easier.

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