Thursday, September 4, 2014

One right form, for the Story

So I posted a quote, which I read from Betsy Lerner's "The Forest for the Trees" book, an editor's Advice to Writers which reads

There is only one right form for a story, and if you fail to find that form the story will not tell itself.

Not knowing what that means, or even having an inkling, I write this up on my whiteboard to ponder, become my own muse and contemplate what my answer to this would be.   I'm a hack of a writer.  I have no idea what "form" means for a story, 1st person, 3rd person, poem or prose ... I'm clueless, so I figure I need to have some time to mull over the possibilities.

One day, I walk in, after my cleaning girl (my daughter, Grace) has finished cleaning, apparently she has inspiration to fill in the answer, and fills the rest of the board with this:

"I think of every life as a story and one author, God.   Each day, year, week, hour, minute and second we learn what's right and what's wrong. Each page that you're turning is supposed to be the BEST and each minute you are in the story all about you.    Make it about others, too. "

So a tear came, as I thought how profound this girl of 9 is.  The right form for the story is self relative, but also includes others.   It's told from the perspective of our creator who watches down on us, and we self-regulate our actions, learning right and wrong as we go.

It seems from this explanation, writing can commence.  Sure there'll be blunders in grammer, syntax and the like, but the right form for the story... the right perspective and voice has been found.

I love you Grace.

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