Thursday, September 22, 2016

Good Enough

"It's not enough" is the message railed against
self-love and self-worth, self-esteem.

You're not enough. Do more, get more,
spend more, fuck more, drink more, save more,
go to church more, lose more, eat less, drink less,
spend less, less eggs, butter, cheese and meat

Sleep more, exercise more, work less, work more

More, less.   It's enough!   Enough!

In the quiet than ensues, when you shut off the tapes in your head,
whisper 'You are enough.', and again.

Shut it down.   Wad it up.  Throw it out.
These messages are 'noise'.

Don't listen.  Stay above the noise.  Squelch it out,
and start listening to yourself.

Then go and deliver value to the world, from
your heart.  In whatever little or big way it manifests
itself.   Do something good.

In the spate of all this illusion of wealth, success,
fame, happiness and fun ... go,
and be .. good.

And in that moment of goodness and oneness with your true nature,

 ... breathe, smile and exhale

It's good enough.  You're good enough. It's enough.

Be kind to yourself.  Love yourself, in little ways, daily.

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